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How to Fix BHIM App UPI Registration Failed Issue?

The post How to Fix BHIM App UPI Registration Failed Issue? appeared first on How to Fill 2022.

UPI Registration Failed

2022 How to Fix/Solve BHIM App “UPI Registration Failed” Issue?. You can’t use this account for upi. Bhim App Fix UPI Registration Failed & How to Solve Bank Link Problem Full detailed procedure given below

UPI Registration Failed

Digital transaction facilities are gaining popularity in India and the whole world. The online money transfer methods allow users to send and receive money fast and on inconvenient platforms. BHIM app is a significant money transfer platform that provides ease in transacting funds between various bank accounts. The app is available on mobile devices, making it a suitable banking method for many Indian residents.

The BHIM app requires the Unified Payment Interface or UPI system to operate for convenient transfer. The app registers thousands of users due to the simple and quality banking services. BHIM app user can merge their bank account details for easy transactions. The user can utilize the service through multiple bank accounts registered under the same mobile number.

BHIM app UPI registration is relatively smooth but sometimes provides some technical hitches. The process displays an error message “UPI registration failed” on your device. However, there are various ways to solve the UPI registration error.

UPI Registration Failed

How to Fix “UPI Registration Failed” on your BHIM APP

Ways to fix UPI registration failed on your BHIM app

  1. Inserting SIM on SIM slot 1

    Technology provides mobile devices with dual SIM card slots. Most people use the first slot for messages and other mobile-related services.Suppose the user inserts a registered mobile number with the bank on SIM 2 slot. The BHIM app will not work on the slot; ensure to use the active SIM 1 slot for the BHIM app and banking services. This will eliminate the UPI registration error to help the user complete the registration process.

  2. Have enough balance on your SIM to fix the UPI registration failed problem

    The registration process requires some SMS charges to send and receive SMSs. The SIM should have an adequate balance on the registered mobile number to solve the issue.

  3. Ensure your mobile number has a network

    The SIM should have good network coverage to operate the BHIM app UPI system. The network allows users to send SMS for an easier UPI registration process. However, weak or no network coverage causes the error, thus indicating the UPI registration failed message. Always check the network coverage before starting the process.

  4. Ensure you’re using the registered mobile number

    For any BHIM app money transaction, the account user must operate using the bank registered mobile number. If the user registers through an unregistered mobile number, the process will go through and offer the error message. Use the registered mobile number or visit the bank to register before registering for UPI services.

  5. Use a single SIM on your phone

    The majority of mobile devices are designed with two SIM slots. The BHIM app might find it challenging to detect the correct SIM. Use one SIM slot (SIM 1) during the UPI registration to complete the process and avoid the failed error.

  6. Give the system sometimes

    If you've tried the above methods, give the system some time; maybe the servers are overloaded.

  7. First, disable the VoLTE feature on your mobile phone

    The user can turn off the VoLTE feature from the phone settings option >wireless and communication > setting > turn off VoLTE. This is also a great way to fix the UPI registration failed error.

  8. Disabling your WIFI connection

    The mobile user can disconnect the WIFI connection and use mobile data to verify SIM details. Now, you can register the UPI services to use the BHIM app efficiently.

  9. Offer BHIM app permission

    The BHIM app requests the user to access or utilize some features and services. You need to grant the app permission for better access. If the permission wasn't offered, the user might experience issues registering for UPI. First, uninstall the app and reinstall again and allow all permissions.

  10. Reinstall the BHIM app

    Reinstalling the app can be the last choice but a productive one. Uninstall the BHIM app on your device and reinstall, ensuring all permissions are granted, and the correct registered mobile number is used to avoid errors.


  1. What is BHIM in full?

    The abbreviation means Bharat Interface for Money. This banking facility allows account users to transact funds between bank accounts without visiting the bank. It's an online banking feature available on your mobile phone by downloading from the Google play store or App store.

  2. Can I register for UPI using a different mobile number?

    The process won't work and will provide the registration error message due to the wrong mobile number.The user must use the bank registered mobile number to get the UPI app.

  3. bhim upi customer care number


  4. Bhim full form

    Bharat Interface for Money (BHIM)

For more details please visit official website link https://ift.tt/thcwyId

The post How to Fix BHIM App UPI Registration Failed Issue? appeared first on How to Fill 2022.

Originally Published at How to Fill 2022

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