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LIC Merchant – LIC Merchant Login, Registration 2022 at Merchant.licindia.in

The post LIC Merchant – LIC Merchant Login, Registration 2022 at Merchant.licindia.in appeared first on How to Fill 2022.

LIC Merchant

LIC merchant portal online login 2022 at https://ift.tt/oP2VYjc.

LIC is broad and reaches the Indian residents through various channels to offer quality services. It has generated online platforms, mobile apps, agents, and now LIC merchant services. The insurance company aims to provide quality service at the user’s convenience. LIC merchants are legalized entities or organizations, which LIC authorizes. To conduct LIC insurance business and serves all policyholders and new customers. It’s an easy offline method for LIC users in the country. LIC merchants provide various LIC-based services and can access LIC policy data, surrenders, loans, types of LIC policies, and more.

LIC Merchant

A LIC merchant links the policyholder or customers to the LIC Company. They help in LIC premium payments collections, policy queries, policyholder details, and more. The merchants benefit from the LIC commission based on the premium received from all policies sold. LIC merchants need to access the LIC merchant portal to venture into policy information, update and serve the policy users.

LIC Merchant Login

The LIC merchant login process

  1. Open the LIC Merchant website page.
  2. On the homepage, select “online services” >”merchant portal.”
  3. Direct link https://ift.tt/Ga4toVF
  4. Next, select the login tab to access the login page.
  5. Enter the LIC merchant username and password.
  6. Now you can access the LIC merchant premium collection portal.

Eligibility criteria for LIC merchant login process

Not every individual or entity can log in to the LIC merchant website page. The merchant needs to fulfill several criteria.

  • The merchant should be a qualified LIC agent.
  • One must be 18 years and above.
  • Identity documents to prove you’re an Indian citizen.
  • The applicant should have a minimum qualification of a 10th pass.
  • One must have a PAN card.

LIC Merchant Portal

LIC Merchant

LIC Merchant forgot password/reset process.

  1. Go to the LIC merchant website page.
  2. https://ift.tt/Ga4toVF
  3. Select merchant portal under the online service section.
  4. Next, click the login button.
  5. Click “forgot” password” to proceed.
  6. Enter “user ID and email ID” followed by the “mail new password” button.
  7. The system will mail a new password, follow the page instructions to reset the new password.

How to change LIC merchant account password

  1. Visit the LIC merchant Portal page.
  2. https://ift.tt/Ga4toVF
  3. On the homepage, menu click “merchant portal” under the “online service” section.
  4. Select the login button.
  5. Next, click “change password” and enter the user ID and current password.
  6. Proceed and enter a preferred password, confirm the password again.
  7. Recheck the information and click the “reset” button.
  8. Now you can log in using the new password.

How to update email id in LIC Merchant Portal

Email ID is a significant aspect of the LIC merchant portal.The user receives OTP codes through email ID for verification. One should update the portal details regularly for proper coordination.

  • Navigate to the LICwebsite portal.
  • Select “merchant portal” from the online service tab.
  • Click the “login” button and proceed to “update email ID to get OTP.”
  • Next, key in your username and password.
  • Recheck the details and click the “update” button.

Benefits of LIC merchants

  • LIC merchants act on behalf of LIC Company, thus helping policyholders pay their premiums on time.
  • LIC users can walk into any merchants and get help without visiting LIC offices.
  • They are widely spread across the country for easy access.

Services available on LIC merchant portal

  • Provide policy users with premium collections.
  • Updating pending invoices on the portal.
  • Help in LIC customer queries
  • Viewing receipts.
  • Pending invoices
  • Total for cashiers.
  • Collecting premium payments.

Qualification of Becoming a LIC Merchant

How to Become LIC Merchant

  1. Eligibility criteria

    Applicant should be over 18 years.
    They should be an Indian citizen.
    The merchant must have a PAN card
    They should be qualified with the 10th standard.

  2. Interview and training sessions

    The LIC department officer will interview the eligible applicants and provide a training (25 hours) program.

  3. IRDAI exam

    After the training program, the candidates will take an IRDAI exam. The LIC offices provide exam materials for better preparation. The candidate must pass with 40% and above to qualify for the post.

  4. Appointment letter and interview

    LIC Company will send an appointment letter sealed with a code after one passes the test. The candidate will meet the development officer for an interview and orientation. The development officer's name will be indicated on the letter for easy follow-up.

  5. Attending the interview and training sessions

    Ensure to attend the interview and get more details about the LIC merchant services. Once you're oriented in the post, you can start conducting LIC services.


  1. Can I pay my LIC premium through a LIC merchant?

    Yes, LIC merchant is a safe and fast way to pay LIC premiums or get other LIC services. The merchants are highly trained and can provide all LIC services.

  2. Do I require an email ID for LIC payments through a LIC merchant?

    Yes, every user needs a LIC email ID to receive an OTP code for verification. You should update the email to avoid inconveniences during the OTP retrieval process.

  3. lic merchant premium collection portal

    Direct login: https://ift.tt/oP2VYjc

The post LIC Merchant – LIC Merchant Login, Registration 2022 at Merchant.licindia.in appeared first on How to Fill 2022.

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