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Indian Railways New Rules 2022

 Indian Railways New Rules 2022

: Do not spoil the fun of travel… This appeal of Railways to the passengers, will be charged for not agreeing

Indian Railways New Rules 2022: Indian Railways has never charged any amount of luggage that a passenger carries with him.  People travel with unlimited luggage.  If seen, even the place to sit sometimes gets surrounded by stuff.  However, with the implementation of the new luggage rules issued by the Indian Railways, passengers will now either have to limit their luggage or be prepared to pay extra, just like air travel.

 The Ministry of Railways gave information about this in May this year.  In its tweet, the ministry had advised people not to travel with excessive luggage.  It was said in the tweet, 'Half the fun of the journey if the luggage is more!  Do not travel by train with too much luggage.  In case of excess luggage, book the luggage by going to the parcel office.

 How much luggage is free to carry?

 As per the new guidelines, sleeper class passengers can carry luggage up to 40 kg without paying extra.  Similarly, passengers traveling in second class are allowed to carry luggage up to 35 kg.  To carry additional baggage up to 70-80 kgs, passengers will now have to book their baggage and pay extra.

What is the penalty for excess baggage?

 According to the new guidelines, any railway passenger carrying excess and unbooked baggage will have to pay six times the value of the baggage.  For example, if one is traveling 500 km with 40 kg of extra luggage, the passenger has the option to book it in a luggage van by paying Rs 109.  But if the passenger is caught with excess luggage during the journey, the passenger will have to pay a fine of Rs 654.

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