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LPG Gas Checking Trick: A wet cloth will tell how much gas is left in the cylinder? Know-how

LPG Gas Checking Trick: A wet cloth will tell how much gas is left in the cylinder? Know-how

LPG Gas Checking: The winter season is going on and there is a possibility of freezing of gas. At the same time, gas cylinders have become very expensive nowadays. That's why don't let the gas go to waste and before removing the cylinder from the kitchen, easily find out whether the gas is all over or some is left at the bottom.

Actually, people's difficulties increase more when the gas suddenly runs out in the middle while cooking. This problem increases further when dinner is being prepared. If you have a double cylinder and have one as a backup then it doesn't matter. But if you have a single cylinder then it becomes more difficult. This problem is not of any one house, but of all those houses with single connection, where it is estimated to end by lifting the cylinder or seeing the burning flame of the gas.

Be alert before the cylinder is empty

In such a situation, we are telling you how you can be alert by going to these signals even before the cylinder is empty. People believe that by lifting the cylinder its weight can be estimated. But many times this trick turns out to be wrong or the correct guess is not possible. For this we are telling the easiest and most accurate trick.

First of all cover the cylinder with a wet cloth. Then remove the cloth and see carefully, then the water will dry up fast in the part which is empty. You should immediately make a mark with a chalk because the water in the part where there will be gas will dry up for a while.

This happens because the part of the cylinder which is empty remains hot and the part which is filled with gas remains cooler than before.


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